Downloadable Backup Software

Backup software ranges from simple programs that help you copy files to a floppy or CD to complex software packages that backup thousands of networked computers. There are backup software programs that can be downloaded directly from the Internet.

Downloadable backup programs enable you to store your data in a variety of storing devices such as tapes, CDs, DVDs, and hard drives. Downloadable backup software programs can be used in different types of computers such as personal computers, local network computers, and large professional computer networks.

Downloadable backup software may be freeware or payware programs. Freeware programs are usually suitable only for free software such as GNU and Linux. Before you download a backup software program, make sure that it is suitable for the operating system you use in your computer. Most downloadable backup software packages run in operating systems such as Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003. Downloadable backup software can be full backup software, differential backup software, or incremental backup software. Full backup software is used for the full restoring of a crashed hard drive. Differential backup software packages restore selected files. Incremental backup software helps you restore data present on specified date and time.

Most downloadable backup software companies provide online information on their products and prices. Some allow comparisons of their products and prices with others. Most downloadable backup software programs have shareware versions, which are free trail versions of the original software.

Downloadable backup software can be hard drive backup software, online backup software, or utility backup software. The downloading procedure is generally easy and can be done by following the instructions. You can keep a copy of the downloaded software program on a CD or DVD for future use.


Making Small Social Media Profile Tweaks for Huge Results

At this point in your professional life, you are probably a member of several (or, at least a few) social media channels. That means that you have a social media profile for each of the social media channels that you have joined. How are those profiles working for your business? If they aren’t, there are small tweaks that you can make for amazing results.

Social media is a serious hub for business owners
The truth is that people (at least, a very large number of them) spend a significant amount of time on the various social media channels. That is actually a really good thing for business (well, it can be). However, people are less inclined to take a regular look at their social media profiles and tweak them as needed. That is sad because a small amount of effort will definitely go a long way.

There are a number of reasons why they don’t tweak as much as they should (or at all). One of them (and possibly the most popular reason) is time. Business people are very busy. They tell themselves that they don’t have time to devote to something as trivial as updating their social media profiles. The fact of the matter is that it will not take very much time at all and the results will be well worth the effort.

Another excuse is that people are just too busy to deal with updating their profiles. However, taking a little time and making that effort will have very positive results. So, no more excuses. It is now time to make those suggested tweaks and then to sit back and reap the benefits.

Keeping your social profiles fresh is essential to your continuing success.

  • Basic tweaks: The first thing that you will want to look at is the size of your photo and profile. As far as the photo is concerned, considering that your photo is professional and appropriate for social media, you just need to make sure that the size of the photo is appropriate. Additionally, your profile should also be the appropriate size. It is important to remember here that large numbers of other people will be reading your profile so you want to make sure that it is effective (in every possible way) as possible. Your photo should not be distorted in any way (stretched, squished, grainy, etc). If your photo is not what it should be, you will not be able to establish the connection online with other people in a way that you want to. Your photo is a representation of you professionally as well as your business and your brand. You need to make sure that your reputation remains pristine at all times. It is also important for you to remember that your photo will be connected to every social media profile of which you are a part. It is an important part of your brand.
  • Consistent photos: Up above, we spoke about the fact that you will be using the same photo across all of your social media channels. Your photo should be professional (if possible, hire a professional photographer to take a good-quality head shot, or at least, ask someone who knows how to take a decent photo to help you). Your photo represents you but it also represents your brand. If you want people to associate with your photo, you want to make it really good. Many people don’t understand how important the photo is. They will use a photo of them partying, or a photo of the person with someone else (or, worse yet, a pet) in the photo, or an animated picture of themselves, or some bizarre placeholder instead of their photo. None of those are acceptable or appropriate. The most important reason why the photo must be perfect, is because your photo gives people a way to connect with you on a human level. Hopefully, that connection will last a very long time. If you use anything except a professional photo, you are sending the other person the message that you are not serious about what you are doing. That is definitely the wrong perception to create.
  • Guilt by association: It is amazing how much bad stuff people put on the Internet. That includes inappropriate photos. It isn’t enough that you were not the person who actually posted those offending photos. If you are in any way associated with them (if you are in them or if you are mentioned), your reputation will be on the line, it is a bad thing. You want to disconnect that association as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will be considered guilty by association. However, not all hope is lost. You can untag photos that you don’t want to be associated with. If you don’t approve of the photos, you don’t have to give your approval. You will want to pay close attention to the photos in which you are tagged. They are going to keep coming up so you need to be on your toes about continuing to disassociate from them as they do.
  • Use the same name across all of your profiles: Just as your photo should be consistent across all social media channels, your name should also be consistent. If you use a middle initial (if you have one) on one social media channel, use it on all of them. Also, remember never to use a nickname unless that is the only name that you have ever given to other people. In any case, always do it in the same way. People will come to know you by that name. Again, it is an important part of your brand. Also, it is too much for you to expect other people to remember a bunch of different names for you. Use one name and be done with it.
  • Use keywords and key phrases effectively: Keywords and key phrases are important in all of your content. That includes your social media profiles. If you want people to not only find you but also to believe that you are the person to call when they need what you are selling, the keywords and key phrases will help a great deal. Those keywords and key phrases will also help to elevate your rankings on the search engine’s pages. If your terms are consistent and they seem to be working, stick with those, while, at the same time, introducing some new terms that will capture other people’s attention. You should use the keywords and key phrases in every aspect of your social media profiles.
  • Connect your social media profiles to each other: You want to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with you on all of your social media channels. Also, you want other people to be able to get to your website easily. That is exactly why back links are so important and so effective. Make sure that your links are functioning properly. If people to try to click on one of your links and it isn’t working, they will give up and turn to someone else. You should test your links periodically to make sure that they are working properly. After all, you want to make it as easy as possible for the other person. Having those links in your profiles does two very important things: it helps you to promote your business much more easily and more broadly and it allows other people to interact with you very easily. In short, it is the beginning of your relationship together.

Periodically taking a good look at your social media profiles is critical to your success. If you make the suggested tweaks that we have discussed here, you will see what positive results they produce. Interestingly, people have a tremendous desire to interact with other human beings and to learn from what other people (including you) have to say. You really have nothing to lose by making those suggested changes and the benefits far outweigh the risks. Make sure that your target audience is always in mind when you make changes to your profiles because your focus will always be getting a positive reaction out of them.


Should You Create A Mobile App?

The development and use of mobile phones have exploded over the last 5 years with the invention of smart phones and the ability to be able to customize them with the use of apps. The apps allow you to do anything from playing games to tracking weight loss. They are virtually unlimited in what they can allow you to do so the question is should you create a mobile app yourself?

You need to think about whether creating a mobile app will benefit others and not just create one to say that you have done one. If you are going to create an app then you will have to do some market research into what your potential customer will need and how they will use it.

Once you have done the market research then you will have to ensure that you add value to whatever app you create. If you design a app that is not adding value then no one will want to download it or use it.

The power to develop an app is only limited by the imagination of the creator so when you start to develop it make sure that many people will get use from the app.

It is now possible to create an app without having to learn all the complicated coding that can go with it making it a lot more accessible to every day users.

Its actually quite easy to market an app with all the advances in technology making it possible for many people to be able to see it. There a few basic strategies that should be followed to guaratee maximum success.

The first step is to check out the Apple app store and see what is currently selling well. The funny thing is that a lot of reviews for the top products are poor meaning people are making money from sub standard apps. Imagine how much can be made if you can create an app with amazing reviews.

The next step is to learn how to create the app that you have chosen to create. Once you have done this then all of your ideas can be transformed into apps and uploaded into the different stores, whether its for the IOS network or the Android platform.

There are several different training methods and softwares popping up that will show you exactly how to do this so it is wise to choose a method that is recommended.


Video Game Tester Jobs – 7 Simple Steps Towards Getting Hired As a Video Game Tester

Video Game tester jobs are highly sought after by those of us who love playing video games. What gamer wouldn’t love to play and test games for a living? But if you have never worked in the video game industry, landing your first game testing job can seem a bit intimidating. What skills are needed? Where does one apply? What should be put on one’s resume? What about interview preparation? Don’t fret – we all have to start somewhere, and if you are determined to start a video game tester career, there is a simple, yet highly successful process that anyone can use to make it happen.

By following this 7 step process, you will land your first game testing job. This process is what we have discovered to be the most bullet-proof method of landing your first game tester job, as well as for starting a career as a video game tester.

Getting Hired as a Video Game Tester in Seven Simple Steps

First, you simply must enjoy playing games. Many people think being a games tester would just be an easy job, but without a sincere passion for gaming, just showing up for a paycheck simply doesn’t work. If you don’t sincerely love playing video games, then when the time to ship the game draws close, and everyone is putting in long hours to find all those remaining bugs in the game being tested, you won’t be enjoying yourself.

Second, learn that video games are software, and should be tested as such. Learn how to test the game as software, not simply a game. Discovered bugs aren’t simply a problem with the game play; they are most likely code bugs in the software. Learn the fundamentals of software testing, and you will find a lot more bugs, and soon become the leading bug finder on your team. This will make you a rockstar game tester, and the jobs will come to you as your reputation as a video game tester grows.

Third, don’t limit yourself to testing only one gaming platform or company. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo are the big three, but if you limit yourself to only one of those, you limit the game tester jobs and opportunities that are available to you. Learn to use the PC as a gaming platform if you don’t already, and you will rapidly increase your video game tester job opportunities.

Fourth, acquire some game testing experience before building your resume. There are numerous video game beta tester opportunities that are free to apply for, and although they are unpaid, you will gain valuable experience.

Fifth, learn a few things about the video game industry. Having a basic understanding of what it takes to design, market and ship a game will impress potential employers to no end, and put you way ahead of the pack of ordinary game testers.

Sixth, determine which company or companies you would like to work for. Many jobs are on-site, meaning you will have to live or work where the actual company is, but many companies will hire people to test their games at home, on their own systems, so your geographic location doesn’t have to be an obstacle.

Seventh, after following the first 6 steps, it will be time to build your resume and cover letter. You will now be able to really showcase your passion for video games, as well as show your potential employer you know something about game testing. This will give you a significant advantage against other entry-level game testers, and insures you will be hired for your first video game tester job!